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Time to Upgrade your POS

Business requirements have changed.  The more information that can be collected the more financially profitable the business can become.  Labor laws are becoming stricter with stiffer penalties.  Better record keeping is crucial in avoiding legal compliance issues.  This is a huge hurdle when dealing with wage and labor grievances from employees.  Labor restrictions have become more favorable toward employees.  The employer now has to be more responsible to document any time card transactions that wasn’t controlled by the employees.  Adjustments to the start and end shifts require proper documentation. 

Those employers that use paper forms to track these adjustments increase labor costs and increase error rates.  Eventually the law would side with the employee.  Tracking “Sick Leave”  or getting an employee to approve his “Time Card” can be a daunting task.  Purchasing a time clock or using an “App” will still require you to do manual calculations, incur a monthly service or add additional hours to do manual calculations.  

Handling this paperwork and processing manual shift changes can be time consuming, eating up significant parts of managers’ already busy days.  Time clock functionality integrated into POS systems does not necessarily offer the best security especially when a fellow employee can clock another one using their PIN code.  A biometic clock can actually create a “Cost Savings”.  Trying to piece together the clock-ins and clock-outs of every employee for a pay period can be extremely painful and costly, as employers will generally want to err in the favor of the employee. 

There are so many solutions out there that offer differing levels of advantages. The key to finding the one that fits your business is one that configures and adapts to the way you run your business.  Though this may sound like additional costs there are some that have human support to tailor it to your needs.  Using a Payroll Provider that offers “Cost and Time Efficient” services is the best option.