What you need to know about California's Wage and Sick Leave Orders?

Did you know there are (7) expansive Wage and/or Sick Leave Orders in Southern California?  There are 12 in Northern California.  Each one unique from the other and some can take precedent over the California Sick Leave Order of 3 days/24 hours.  There are even Industry specific Wage Orders for Hotels in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

There are two choices for businesses.

  • An Accrual method that would require you to Roll Over those hours into the next year with a possible cap of 80+ hours
  • A Fixed amount issued each year

Here are some of the Requirements:

  • Employer cannot require a Doctors Note
  • Restrictions on requiring advance notice of an absence
  • You may need to calculate different amounts if your employees part-time in one of the cities that have a different Sick Leave Order
  • Employer must have a method of tracking and providing info to employee (s)
  • Some cities require Posters and Documentation to be completed for all employees
  • Employer can mandate specific amounts be used  for each occurrence but must be in a Policy or Employee Handbook
  • Amounts must be tracked and listed on either their Payroll Check or other document provided on Pay Day
  • Sick Leave is not Paid Out upon Termination or Separation
  • Some PTO - Personal Time Off Policies can be used or modified to comply with the Orders
  • Paid sick leave can be used for the illness or preventative care of an employee or an employee’s family member (defined as a parent, child, spouse, registered domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling)
  • Paid sick leave can also be used for employees who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, as described in California Labor Code Sections 230 and 230.1.
  • There are Penalties for non-compliance

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